The retention of documents

Whether you’re running a small independent business or a large corporate firm, you will have a number of confidential documents that, if found by the wrong people, could be detrimental to your business. With this information criminals can operate in a number of ways, including opening accounts in your business’ name or drain your bank accounts. This is why it is imperative that you have a document retention plan in place.

The retention plan

A retention plan is the time period after any document has expired or is no longer deemed useful to the business, but the document still has to be accessible. This could be anything from an employee document to an unused account for the business. Managing your confidential and sensitive documents is an essential part of running a business, enabling a company to operate within the Data Protection Act and the law (as we’re sure you’re already aware).

Securely storing your documents

This is where S4B archiving services come in handy – we can come to your business HQ, collect all of your sensitive documents in our secure transport vehicles and set them up in our archive boxes housed in our secure alarmed, monitored and CCTV covered warehouse. Our service will make your life easier, take the pressure off of your shoulders to protect your documents so that you can focus on running your business and leave your office clutter free!

Getting access to your documents

Need your documents back? No problem. We can adopt your coding system, so you quickly know the name of each document if you should ever need them back. We pride ourselves on our fast delivery back to you, just another thing you don’t have to think twice about! We can even organise an end date with you – if you have assigned a particular destruction date or year that the documents are no longer needed, then we will check with you before we shred and recycle your documents on our secure premises.

If your workplace is full to the brim with paperwork or data that isn’t useful to you and your business anymore, then give S4B a call today for a complete assessment of your needs.

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